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How do I pick the right size?Updated 23 days ago

In order to find the right size it is important that you have your own body measurements in centimeters. On the drawing below you can see which measurements you need to take:

 1. BUST
Measure the bust at the fullest part.
Measure the waist where the body bends.
3. HIP
Measure app. 20 cm. Below the waist at the fullest part.


Once you have your own body measurements in centimeters, you compare your measurements with the measurements in the size chart and find the closest match. 

The measurement chart is available on all product pages, and shows body measurements and not the measurements of the specific product style. 
Please bear in mind that a particular size doesn’t always have the same measurements. For instance a bouse in size M can have different bust measurements, depending on whether the style is designed to be a Loose Fit, Regular Fit or Slim Fit. This information is available for each style.

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