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When purchasing an item from Dea Kudibal you are guaranteed that details are highly considered and deliberately catered to. Not only in terms of design and quality, but also in respect to choosing materials with consideration to the environment, and to the people involved in the production of the designs.

Our baseline for working towards a more sustainable future, is that we have the right policies in place that expresses our viewpoint on social and environmental issues, as well as for the rights of animals. Therefore, we have established the following policies, which have been agreed upon and signed by our suppliers:

  • Code of conduct
  • Child labour
  • Animal welfare
  • Chemical restrictions

As one of our fundamental policies, our Code of Conduct is aiming at affirming everything we stand for. It is based upon UN conventions on Human Rights, Labour Rights and key environmental laws.

The Child Labour policy is a policy established to prevent the case of child labour from appearing. It is meant to ensuring that there in the event of discovering a working child (which according to Code of Conduct is highly restricted), is a clear agreement that the child is secured an education or equivalent income. However, the latter nonetheless encompasses no sort of similar work, but permitted working conditions. 

The Animal Welfare Policy is focused on the 5 Animal Freedoms that all animals should be well-treated throughout their lifespan.

The Chemical Restrictions is a list of chemicals that are banned or restricted in our products. Either to ensure the health of our consumers, the health of the workers or to protect the environment. In order to prevent these banned or restricted chemicals, we have a testing program where we test to ensure that our products do not contain any of the banned chemicals.

We reject the thought of being able to change the world alone, which is why we believe in close corporations with our trusted and long-termed suppliers, who are able to teach and guide us towards making sustainable choices. Our suppliers go through social audits at least every second year, where we check to make sure that working conditions are always kept safe.

We are constantly working on developing our sustainability program towards our suppliers, but also in regard the design process. So please keep an eye on any future updates as we evolve on this journey.

In case you are eager to learn more, we welcome your questions.

FSC Certified Viscose

Viscose is a type of rayon fiber that is made naturel sources such as wood and agricultural products that are regenerated as cellulose fiber.

FSC Certified Viscose will be from sources, which are produced from sustainably managed plantations.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), is a non-profit organization that sets certain high standards to make sure that sure that forestry is practiced in an environmentally responible and socially beneficial manner. If a product is labeled "FSC Certified", it means that the wood used in the product and the manufacturer that made it met the requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council.

The FSC certification is

considered the "gold standard" designation for wood harvested from

forests that are responsibly managed, socially beneficial, environmentally

conscious, and economically viable.

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